Xbox Handheld Gaming

During the same supposed Xbox town hall meeting last week, Xbox's new president Sarah Bond reportedly shared the message that "every screen is an Xbox".

Inverse journalist Shannon Liao claims to have confirmed this with "multiple Microsoft employees" who attended the virtual town hall on February 6th. These same sources requested anonymity because they were (unsurprisingly) not actually authorised to speak to the media.

Bond apparently spoke "extensively" about Xbox's strategy of existing across multiple devices, with "greater ambitions" of becoming the top cross-platform gaming company.

As the source mentions, this "multi-device strategy" has already been discussed by Phil Spencer and many others within Microsoft's gaming branch - with the tech giant aiming to make games more accessible than ever before across various devices and services like Game Pass and cloud gaming.

This idea of "every screen" being an Xbox was supposedly illustrated by Microsoft showing images of the recent Game Pass hit Palworld across multiple devices including tablets, televisions, monitors, and handheld systems.

Once again, we're not far out now from Xbox's business update, so (hopefully), all will be revealed then.

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