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Update [Sat 10th Feb, 2024 08:00 GMT]:

As part of these celebrations, the Xbox Insider Program has now released an anniversary hub, where fans can check out interviews, historical retellings, and much more over February and March. If there are any other surprises, we'll let you know.

Original story [Wed 7th Feb, 2024 03:25 GMT]:

The Xbox Insider Program has now been around for 10 years as of this month. The original announcement dates back to February 20th, 2014, back when it was known as the Xbox Preview Program.

As part of the anniversary celebrations for February, the team has a "ton of content" planned. For starters, there'll be some interviews with the team, and Xbox Insider Releases Notes will now be shared on the Xbox Support website. Beyond this, there's still "plenty more to come" including quite a few 'firsts'" in the coming weeks and months.

Here's a bit about the Xbox Insider Program as well as the history of it:

"This month marks the official 10th Anniversary of the Xbox Insider Program. You can actually still read the announcement article from February 20th, 2014 right here (Program Announcement). Then called the Xbox Preview Program, we’ve since evolved from an invite-only, platform-focused enterprise, into an open way for users across the world to deliver their feedback for console, features, PC, mobile, and games alike. The Xbox Insider Program, which we christened on the Wire back in 2016 (Program Rebrand), has flourished this past decade and that’s in an incredibly large part due to the millions of Xbox fans from our community (that’s y’all!). So, from everyone here at Xbox Insider, we want to give an enormous thank you for everyone who has contributed over the years."

The latest Insider update is now also available, and you can see the full release notes on Xbox Wire.

You can learn more about the Xbox Insider Program on Xbox's website. It will give you preview access to Xbox updates, features, games and more, so it's well worth a look if you haven't already signed up.

Are you an Xbox Insider? How long have you been part of it? Let us know in the comments.