Xbox Fans Left Confused As Two New Releases Skip The Platform

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct event brought us a whole bunch of games that have since been announced for Xbox, but two of the games that weren't confirmed for Microsoft's platform have been getting just as much attention as the rest.

Those two games are Capcom's Monster Hunter Stories and Bandai Namco's Gundam Evolution 4, both of which are coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC, but not Xbox - at least based on their initial reveals.

This has led to various discussion and debates on social media, with some suggesting it makes no sense for these titles to skip Xbox, and others pointing out that the likes of Gundam Evolution have never been on the platform anyway:

Karim Jovian on Twitter: "How many amazing games like these are going to skip the Xbox? While I don’t mind games from Xbox going to other platforms, that same effort should be put to have games like these come to the Xbox that are skipping it."

Zer0e on Twitter: "As I said in another post, no Gundam Breaker's been on Xbox. So people need to calm down about the FOURTH title not coming. A Monster Hunter skipping is a different story. But it's also not going to PS5, which is weird. Maybe a next gen release down the line? Maybe w/Switch 2?"

Sixers Octavian on Twitter: "Thanks for bringing attention to this. Happens all too frequently and gets handwaved like “I don't care about this anyway”. Awful look when it comes to everything except one specific platform. They add up."

Danno on Twitter: "I hate to say it but…. the problem isn't that a game like Monster Hunter Stories is skipping Xbox, the problem is that out of everyone complaining about it I could likely count on one hand who would actually buy it."

There are obviously a lot of strong opinions about this, but we should also reiterate that a bunch of Xbox games were announced following the Nintendo show yesterday, including Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, the Star Wars: Battlefront - Classic Collection and many others.

It's always said to see third-party games skipping Xbox for whatever reason though, and we're hoping as time goes on, it'll start to become a thing of the past. Will we ever see these two titles on the platform? Maybe one day we will...

What are your thoughts about this situation? TEll us down in the comments section below.