Hi-Fi Rush
Image: Tango Gameworks

Update [Sat 3rd Feb, 2024 07:05 GMT]:

The Verge's senior editor Tom Warren has seemingly doubled down on his belief Hi-Fi RUSH will be coming to other platforms - reminding social media how the latest update for the game already promotes platform-exclusive shirts...

Original article [Fri 2nd Feb, 2024 02:15 GMT]:

There have been rumours in recent weeks about the Xbox Game Pass release and shadow drop Hi-Fi RUSH potentially being made available on certain other platforms, and now there's a new development.

The Verge's senior editor Tom Warren thinks the title could be "coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch" after verifying a new datamine, which features texture files of in-game shirts that supposedly match the colour themes of Nintendo and PlayStation. You can take a look below:

Tom Warren: "T-shirt files included in the game’s latest update include a “I’m here baby!” in PlayStation blue, a “Rock out! Anywhere” in Nintendo Switch red, and “Shadow dropped” in Xbox green. The rock out anywhere slogan must reference the Switch’s portability, the “I’m here baby!” the sheer surprise of an Xbox game on PS5, and the shadow drop for the original surprise Xbox launch."

This follows an update to Hi-Fi RUSH on the PC last week, which added PlayStation 5 DualSense controller button icons as well as adaptive trigger toggle support.

Game File's Stephen Totilo has also chimed in on the latest development, mentioning how he doesn't have sources on Hi-Fi RUSH coming to "other platforms" but still believes Sea Of Thieves will be released on PlayStation.

Of course, there's been no official announcement about Hi-Fi RUSH or Sea of Thieves coming to other platforms, so there's no guarantee anything will come from these latest speculation and rumours doing the rounds online.

How would you feel about Hi-Fi RUSH and Sea of Thieves going to Nintendo and Sony platforms? Tell us in the comments.

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