Well, out of nowhere Capcom has unveiled Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition - a brand-new bundle for its 2023 remake of the seminal survival horror title.

Following the same template of other Capcom 'Gold Editions', this RE4 Remake bundle contains the base game, the Separate Ways expansion, and some other existing DLC packs for Resident Evil 4.

Unlike Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, there doesn't appear to be any sort of bonus mode or something of that ilk. We really liked playing Village from an entirely different third-person perspective in 2022 - and RE4 in first-person would have been something! Alas, you'll have to play the VR version for anything close to first-person Resident Evil 4.

Anyway, this Gold Edition launches next week - February 9th across all platforms including Xbox Series X|S. Pricing details on the bundle haven't been announced just yet, but we'd expect it to be a full-priced release - making way for a potential price drop on the base game.

Will this be your time to play Resident Evil 4 Remake? Drop your favourite Leon Kennedy quotes down below!