Remedy Purchases Full Rights To 'Control' Franchise From 505 Games

Following the success of Alan Wake 2which became Remedy's fastest-selling game earlier this month — the developer has announced that it's managed to acquire the Control IP from previous publisher 505 Games.

The deal has cost the Finnish developer roughly €17 million, and it now allows the team to "negotiate better deals for current and future Control games". 505 will continue to distribute the first game through December 31, 2024, before Remedy gains the full rights to the IP.

At the time of writing, Remedy already has two more Control projects in the works following the release of the 2019 original. 'Control 2' is being actively worked on, alongside codename 'Condor'; a multiplayer take on the franchise.

"Through this transaction we will also get to be more directly in charge of marketing, distribution and other business-to-business deals. This enables further financing and partnership opportunities which will help us to grow the Control 2 and Condor, as well as the whole Control franchise into an even greater success than before."

Interestingly, the studio believes that the success of Alan Wake 2 will help them negotiate further publishing deals for the Control series too. The team says that it's still to decide between self-publishing or partnering up for future titles, but 2023's Alan Wake sequel has helped put them "in a better negotiating position" going forward.

What would you like to see Remedy do with Control 2? Discuss the team's newly-acquired IP down below.