Final Fantasy XIV Online Is Going Down A Treat On Xbox Series X|S So Far

This week has marked the release of the Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta on Xbox, and although it's still early days and the full launch hasn't taken place yet, Xbox Series X and S players seem to be getting on well with it so far.

We've seen a bunch of feedback from new FFXIV players who have been having a blast with the Open Beta over the past few days - a Beta that's basically an exhaustive "Free Trial" that will also be available to play post-launch.

In terms of performance on Xbox, there are two modes to choose from on Series S and three modes on Series X - with the extra choice being a "4K" specific visual option. That one actually doesn't perform particularly well, sometimes dropping to the mid-40s in terms of frame rate, but the other two run at a smooth 60FPS. On Xbox Series S, the 1080p "FHD" mode is unsurprisingly a bit smoother than the 1440p "WQHD" mode, but both still aim for 60FPS.

As some players have noticed, certain features are locked in the FFXIV Open Beta because of it being a "Free Trial" version, so if you want the entire experience, you'll need to wait for the main launch. There's no set date for that yet, with Square Enix advising that it wants to see how the Beta goes before "immediately" switching to a full release.

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy 14 Online so far for Xbox? Tell us in the comments below.

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