10 Xbox Games Are Shutting Down Their Servers In March 2024
Image: The Crew

Now and again throughout the year, the servers for various Xbox games end up being shut down for different reasons - whether that's simply because they're old titles now, or perhaps they haven't performed as well as expected.

We've seen a few Xbox servers being shut down already in 2024, but March is looking particularly busy for these closures, with games from EA, Ubisoft and FromSoftware all being affected. We highlighted these late last year, but they were announced in stages, so we thought we'd bring them all back together ahead of the new month.

Here are the Xbox games that are shutting down their servers in March (so far):

The big highlight here for many is probably The Crew, which is unfortunately an online-only game, meaning it'll be totally inaccessible after March 31st. EA's Rocket Arena will also become completely unplayable 10 days earlier.

We'll have more Xbox server shutdowns later this year too, with the biggest loss being the Xbox 360 store closure in July. It shouldn't affect anything in terms of backwards compatibility, but lots of 360-only games will be delisted forever.

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