Xbox Introduces New 'Indie Selects' Collection, Separate To Xbox Game Pass Lineup

Microsoft has announced 'Indie Selects', a new curation program that aims to showcase some of Xbox's best indie games available on the Microsoft Store.

Every Wednesday, a new collection of titles will be showcased - front and centre under Xbox's new 'Indie Games' store tab. This week's lineup features four separate themes, including a 'Wish List' tab to showcase what indies are coming soon to the platform.

Xbox Introduces New 'Indie Selects' Collection, Separate To Xbox Game Pass Lineup 1

One interesting note here is that Microsoft is deciding against including Xbox Game Pass titles in these collections - at least for now. The team says that its subscription titles are "featured regularly in the Game Pass hub" and therefore get their own spotlight elsewhere.

We quite like this approach, as in recent times it does feel like most indie titles that aren't in Xbox Game Pass get a lot less attention than those that are brought to the library. Evidently, the ID@Xbox team agrees and wants a new location to highlight such titles.

"We know there are a lot of games out there right now, and it can be difficult for unique titles to find an audience in crowded marketplaces. With a dedicated, permanent, curated collection in the Xbox Store, we’ll be able to bring more attention to games that we feel are particularly special – everything from current favorites, to older gems, to games from new creators from around the world."

The first collection, which you can get a glimpse of in the image up above, goes live on the Xbox store today — January 24th — before a new collection goes live each and every Wednesday.

What do you think to this new initiative from Microsoft? Tell us any upcoming indies you're excited for down below.