Xbox Game Pass Dunks On PlayStation Over Dirt-Cheap Yakuza Deals

We're officially into a new gaming year, but 2024 isn't stopping any of the back-and-forth between Xbox and PlayStation it seems. To promote its January Sale, PlayStation UK has posted about how cheap the Yakuza series is right now - and Xbox has dropped the perfect response.

Don't get us wrong, these games are super cheap on PSN right now. However, Xbox has got the one-up here - by reminding us all of the long list of Yakuza games currently available on Xbox Game Pass. Here are the two posts:

We like this sort of thing to be honest - there's nothing wrong with a bit of harmless banter between the two companies. It's also worth noting that these are the UK-specific accounts for Xbox and PlayStation, and everyone knows how much us Brits like to rib each other over dumb things.

This is certainly a lot more friendly than what we saw over the summer with the whole Activision Blizzard saga anyway. Now that's all behind us, let's stick to silly tweets about Yakuza, shall we?

So, which of these Yakuza games have you tried out on Xbox Game Pass? Discuss down below.