Xbox Game Pass Yakuza

The Yakuza series has landed on Xbox in a big way over the last few years, with multiple Game Pass additions helping the series make a name for itself on Microsoft platforms. Well, series developer Masayoshi Yokoyama certainly believes the subscription service has helped the series find a Western audience anyway.

In a new interview with Twinfinite, Yokoyama was quizzed on the franchise's growth in the west, and whether services like Game Pass suit the series. Here's what the dev had to say about gaining an audience in new regions:

"In terms of audience, I think the West has especially increased. It’s hard to tell if that’s thanks to multiplatform or if it’s because we changed the genre and protagonist from Yakuza: Like a Dragon as a new series, or both. Personally, I do think subscriptions like Game Pass, allowing people to play the previous games over the years, have contributed largely to the increase in audience."

Here at Pure Xbox, we've certainly noticed the series grow in popularity thanks to Game Pass, especially for a franchise that never really had a history with Xbox prior. Everyone seems to be enjoying its consistent inclusion in the library!

The rest of the interview is well worth a read; Yokoyama breaks down everything Yakuza, from the work that went into western localisation, to the future of the franchise. If that future includes Xbox Game Pass, then happy days!

Were you introduced to Yakuza thanks to Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below.