The Callisto Protocol Dev Is Now Working On A 'Brand-New Unreal Engine 5 Title'

It's been just over a year since The Callisto Protocol graced our Xbox consoles with a Dead Space-like experience back in late 2022 - and it seems that the team has now fully moved on from the project to something new.

In a job listing posted by developer Striking Distance Studios, the team says that it is "looking for a Lead Gameplay Animator" to work on "a brand new, unannounced UE5 title" - UE5 meaning Unreal Engine 5 of course. No platforms have been mentioned here, but The Callisto Protocol launched on pretty much every console out there - Nintendo Switch aside.

Now, this could be a sequel to the 2022 title, or it could be something brand-new from the team. Whichever it is, it's sounding like Striking Distance won't stray too far from what it's known for:

"Striking Distance Studios is looking for a Lead Gameplay Animator to help us create the most dynamic and engaging player and enemy experiences for a brand new, unannounced UE5 title."

It's all sounding quite early in the development process, and given that the team only just got done with The Callisto Protocol DLC, we're not expecting to see this project anytime soon. Still, it's good to see there's work going on over there and we can hopefully look forward to a new Xbox game from Striking Distance Studios in the future.

Would you like to see a sequel here, or something completely new? Tell us down below!