We've covered Hell Let Loose's Xbox Game Pass release a couple of times on Pure Xbox this week, and we've mentioned how much of a challenging FPS it can prove, especially compared to the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty.

In fact, it's so challenging that there's been an influx of Xbox Game Pass subscribers flocking to the Hell Let Loose community to ask for tips, and they've responded with some really useful ones - including a detailed beginner's guide.

The guide is 23 pages in all, and can be accessed either on Reddit (which you can see in the link below) or in PDF form, so you can even print it out if you like. As you can see, there's a really nice aesthetic to the guide as well:

As revealed on Reddit a couple of years ago, there were multiple authors involved in creating this beginner's guide for new Hell Let Loose players. It was also mentioned at the time that it was probably going to be updated in the future, although sadly that doesn't seem to have been the case, so keep in mind it's a little bit outdated.

The key thing to remember with Hell Let Loose is that you're not going to become a fantastic player overnight, so don't worry if you're dying over and over again! Study the guide, keep practicing and working with your teammates (a mic is recommended for this game), and you'll gradually start to get the hang of it. Best of luck!

How are you getting on with Hell Let Loose on Xbox Game Pass so far? Tell us in the comments below.

How Are You Finding Hell Let Loose So Far? (311 votes)

  1. It's amazing, I'm loving it!17%
  2. It's pretty good so far10%
  3. It's OK, not bad9%
  4. I don't really like it much6%
  5. I think it's terrible actually!6%
  6. I haven't played it, but I will29%
  7. I haven't played it, probably never will!21%