Last week, 343 Industries announced it would be bringing multiple new features to Halo Infinite on January 30th, including a new Arena map called "Illusion".

Now, as part of this, it's published an overview along with a first-look preview trailer. The map itself evokes "the feeling and design" of maps from the original title Halo: Combat Evolved:

"Illusion takes place within an abandoned and forgotten ONI black site where old experiments with recovered (and familiar) Covenant technology still remain, evoking the feeling and design of maps from Halo: Combat Evolved. Let’s take a look..."

Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

Multiplayer designer Cliff Schuldt further noted how the team was "excited about leaning into the original DNA" of Halo: Combat Evolved - including strong identities, approachable depth, and great fun. This map will also apparently include some Easter eggs, and interestingly the location of this map is "actually underneath another map in the game".

Apart from the new map Illusion, Halo's next update will also include new Forge features, a free Mark IV armor core, and the Halo Wars-themed "Spirit of Fire" Operation. You can learn more in the original post here on Pure Xbox:

Will you be returning to Halo Infinite to try out this new update? Let us know in the comments.