Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Gorgeous Dynamic Background For Xbox Series X|S

Earlier this week we informed Xbox fans about five brand-new dynamic backgrounds for Xbox Series X|S, and now CD Projekt Red has got in on the act with a stunning Cyberpunk 2077 effort.

Released today, the team at CDPR now allows us all to "visit Night City" every time we turn our Xbox consoles on. Here's a look at the new dynamic background in all its glory:

We've had a quick look at this one ourselves and it looks gorgeous on a 4K telly - one of the nicest dynamic background options so far. It could still perhaps be a bit more dynamic, but it's definitely more animated than most - and that suits the bustling Night City skyline quite nicely.

Anyway, you can access this via your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console now, and we'll drop a link to those five EA additions to the program down below.

Are you tempted to apply this on your Xbox console? Tell us down in the comments section if you're turning your house into Night City this weekend!