The FTC Is Continuing To Fight Xbox's Activision Blizzard Deal

If you thought we were done with these Activision Blizzard acquisition articles, think again! The deal might have gone through on Microsoft and Xbox's end now, but that isn't stopping the US FTC from continuing to put up a fight.

As reported by Reuters and CNN, the FTC appeared in front of a three-judge court panel in California yesterday to argue its case, with lawyer Imad Abyad continuing to highlight various anti-competitive concerns with the acquisition - as well as disagreements with Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley's ruling on it earlier this year.

Here's one of the quotes from Abyad that was shared by CNN, with the lawyer reportedly suggesting that even despite Xbox making multi-platform promises for the likes of Call of Duty and cloud streaming recently, there's still potential to establish a monopoly in other areas such as gaming subscription services:

"I fail to understand how giving somebody a monopoly of something would be pro-competitive. It may be a benefit to some class of consumers, but that is very different than saying it is pro-competitive."

In response, Microsoft's lawyer said the judge's ruling showed "the world will be better with the merger”.

There's no word on what'll happen next just yet, but with the FTC still feeling aggrieved about this whole situation, it means Microsoft isn't finished in trying to defend the ActiBlizz deal. It's surely a uphill battle for the FTC though!

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