Starfield Dev Calls Out 'Unreasonable' Criticism From Some Players On Social Media

There's been a bit of debate in the Starfield community over the past 24 hours in regards to some recent comments made by Bethesda Studio Design Director Emil Pagliarulo on Twitter, who took to the platform to deliver a long and passionate thread about why game development is much tougher than some people give it credit for.

The entire thread is massive, so it's worth reading it all to get the full context, but the basic gist is that Emil wants people to remember that "the game you're playing is in some ways a freaking miracle in and of itself."

Here are just a few samples of what he had to say:

Following this, Emil received a reply from a player who pointed out they simply weren't happy with some of the decisions that were made during development, which prompted the developer to address it as an "absolutely fair comment" and highlight that his Twitter thread was only directed towards "unreasonable people".

Anyway, we all know that Starfield has its detractors on social media and beyond, but the game still ended up being a massive success for Xbox and Bethesda this year, and it racked up an "Excellent" 9/10 from us here at Pure Xbox as well. Plus, it sounds like the game is adding a bunch more exciting features very soon!

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