This past weekend marked a closed beta for the upcoming Ubisoft title Skull & Bones, and those who managed to get into the beta have been sharing their impressions with the game's community over the past few days.

In a nutshell, there's quite a lot of positivity around this new co-op open world action-RPG, with plenty of people highlighting how they've been enjoying their time with it so far - including the folks over at IGN:

"... after another six hours in the most recent closed beta this past weekend, I find myself more hopeful than ever that this plundering simulator might actually capture the attention of me and my friends."

"Though the most recent beta included some odd and unexpected changes to the story, my friends and I dove deep into the waters of this ship-based adventure’s RPG mechanics and came away pleasantly surprised."

The big question amongst Skull & Bones fans right now seems to be whether it can live up to its £69.99 / $69.99 price tag. Based on some of the impressions we've come across, there's concern it might struggle to thrive at launch.

kingofthewildducks on Reddit: "I had a lot of fun in the beta but I really can’t justify the price tag. I could have maybe been convinced with a $40 starting price but where it stands I’ll wait for the SAIL. Get it? Sale? Ok I’ll leave now."

Pmueck3 on Reddit: "I enjoyed it a lot. Did I enjoy it so much I'd spend 60 bucks on it? No, but if the price drops, I definitely will buy this game."

Aside from that though, there's definitely reason to be intrigued by what Ubisoft is delivering here. We're only a couple of months away from launch, so we'll be able to judge the full release for ourselves in the near future. Don't forget you'll be able to try it with Ubisoft Plus on Xbox as well - it should be included day one with the service!

Are you excited for Skull & Bones? Will you be playing it? Tell us in the comments down below.