Call Of Duty: MW3 Season 1 Now Live, Featuring Lots Of Free Content On Xbox 1

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 may have launched with a lack of actual new content (the game's multiplayer comprised entirely of remade maps), but developer Sledgehammer Games is certainly doing it best to correct that in Season 1.

Now live, the game's first post-launch season contains loads of new content for multiplayer, Warzone and Zombies, including a plethora of new maps, weapons, events and more. You can see the roadmap up above for more details - there's so much in here that's it's actually hard to read!

Multiplayer will get four new maps during Season 1, with three of those coming at launch, while Warzone is getting its own MW3-flavoured makeover today as well. Out goes the MW2-based 'Al-Mazrah' map, with Sledgehammer's 'Urzikstan' location now being swapped in as the main battle royale arena.

Call Of Duty: MW3 Season 1 Now Live, Featuring Lots Of Free Content On Xbox 2

Add five new weapons into the mix — three at launch and two mid-season — and you've got a pretty hefty update here for Call of Duty: MW3. Say what you want about the game's nostalgia-fuelled direction on day one, but players certainly can't complain too much about the amount of new free content arriving after launch.

If this sounds like a reason to pick up MW3 and start jumping in, the game is part of an ongoing 'Buy Two, Get One Free' sale from Activision right now - although it may be best to hold out if you're not interested in another big ActiBlizz game like Diablo 4. Of course, Warzone is free-to-play if you'd like to sample that content at no cost.

Getting back into MW3 with this big Season 1 update? Do tell us your CoD plans down below!