After Redfall, Bethesda Appears To Be Switching Engines Again For Marvel's Blade

We know that a lot of Xbox fans are eagerly awaiting more news on Bethesda's recently announced Marvel's Blade game, but it seems like it's a long way away - all we have are some basic details, a teaser trailer and concept art.

That said, we do also seem to know what engine it's being built on! This was recently mentioned by one of the lighting artists on the game, who briefly listed in an online profile that they're working with the Void Engine.

As indicated in the tweet above, the Void Engine has been responsible for some amazing Arkane Studios titles in the past including Dishonored 2 and Deathloop, It was originally built as an offshoot of the "id Tech" engine from id Software (DOOM, Quake), and made its debut back in 2016 with the aforementioned Dishonored 2.

Obviously this isn't full-on confirmation from Arkane or Bethesda just yet, but it seems pretty likely, especially considering that Arkane Lyon (the developer on Marvel's Blade) has almost always used the Void Engine for its titles in the past. Unreal Engine is more of an Arkane Austin (Redfall, Prey) thing!

Any thoughts about this? How excited are you for Marvel's Blade? Let us know in the comments below.