Xbox Will Apparently Show Up At The Game Awards 2023

There's been a bit of controversy surrounding Xbox and this year's The Game Awards show, especially with Starfield failing to make the Game of the Year nominee list this year. However, despite this omission, it's looking like Xbox will be at the show in some fashion.

Yep, according to Windows Central's Jez Corden, Xbox will be present at this year's awards show - although Corden has been coy on what the company will show off this year. Here's a quote from the journalist, speaking on a recent episode of The Xbox Two podacst:

"Well, yes, I pretty much know that Xbox is there [at The Game Awards].

I'm not telling you if it's going to be good or not - Xbox is going to be at the show but hey, maybe it's with Candy Crush, maybe it's with a Candy Crush / Gears of War crossover coming."

Now, don't take those two examples as actual predictions - as you can hear in the podcast clip, Corden is joking around here - basically warning folks not to get their hopes up for a big AAA showing in case that isn't Xbox's plan. The only thing he's confident in is that Xbox will be there in some way.

Oh, and as we always say with claims like these, digest them with a huge pinch of salt. Corden knows his stuff and is often correct, but it's always worth tempering expectations until the show goes ahead. Even with our own advice adhered to, we do hope team green is there with a big Xbox showing!

What are you expecting to see from Xbox? Maybe another look at Hellblade 2? Leave your thoughts down below.