Xbox Series X & S Receive Massive Price Drops In Latest Black Friday Deals

Update (Fri 24th Nov, 2023): Welcome to Black Friday 2023! If you're looking for an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, most of the deals below are still live, and we've also added a few more into the mix that we've found across the web.

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Original story (Mon 20th Nov, 2023): We're officially entering Black Friday week now, and as a result we're starting to see even more fantastic deals on the Xbox Series X and Series S! This is particularly the case in the UK, where the Series X has dropped to as low as £329.99.

That £329 price in the UK is for the refurbished Xbox Series X, while the standard version can be picked up for £359.99 as well. Then you get a few bundles that raise the price a little bit, but still remain under the £400 mark. As for the Xbox Series S, the new "Starter Bundle" has dropped to as low as £189.99 for Black Friday 2023.

Here are some example offers that we've found across the web:

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Over in the US, we haven't seen quite as much activity in terms of Xbox Series X and S sales so far, but there are at least a couple of good Series X deals that have been drumming up attention over at the likes of Walmart and Target:

Update: We've also got a few good Series S deals showing up now as well!

Of course, these aren't the only deals you'll find for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this Black Friday, and we're expecting the consoles to be discounted pretty much everywhere around the globe. If you don't see anything here that takes your fancy (or suits your region), it's worth doing a bit of research to see if your favourite retailer has already begun discounting these consoles along with any other Xbox accessories for the Black Friday period.

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