These 10+ Xbox Games Are Shutting Their Servers This December
Image: Battlefield 1943

Every now and again, we learn of a bunch of Xbox games shutting their servers, and it just so happens that over 10 of them will be doing just that in December 2023, giving us just a few weeks left to enjoy their online features.

We've already reported on some of these in the past, like the multiple Battlefield games going offline from the Xbox 360 era, while others such as NBA 2K22 and Anvil: Vault Breaker might come as more of a surprise. We've also got a server closure in November to highlight for Gundam Evolution, so we'll throw that into the mix down below.

Here's a full list of Xbox games shutting their servers in December (thanks to TrueAchievements for the assist):

As you can see, some of the games in the list aren't known for their online functionality, such as the single-player focused Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Dead Space games, but nevertheless they'll lose their online features on the above dates. The three Battlefield games will be leaving EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on November 30th.

We're expecting more Xbox server closures to be announced for 2024 as well, and we actually already have a few in the form of some Xbox 360 Ubisoft titles and the last-gen version of Hunt: Showdown.

As always, we'll keep you up to date and let you know when the next big batch of server closures is announced.

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