Random: Xbox Fan Shows Ridiculously Dusty Series X Console After 3 Years Of Use
Image: Ben Kerry / Pure Xbox

Xbox Series X|S just passed three years on the market this month, which means all of our launch-era consoles have had plenty of time to get dirty, full of grime, and load up on huge stacks of dust. While one of our very own Series X consoles has gathered plenty of dust in just a couple of years (pictured up above is our Halo Infinite console we've had for two years), one Reddit user is having a little more trouble than most with dust and dirt.

As posted recently and eliciting an immediate reaction from us upon seeing it, one Reddit user says they've finally cleaned their Series X console after three years of use. There's a clip of this ongoing process down below and let us tell you - it was definitely ready for a good clean.

This is probably one of the filthier examples we've seen but it's definitely made us think twice about the condition of our consoles after years of use. You really don't think about it when it's tucked away in an entertainment centre, but, we're going on a dust-hunting mission this evening let us tell you!

In fact, this should serve as a good reminder to anyone to give your console some TLC sometime soon. These things are now three years old, and as you can see, that's plenty of time for all of the dust and dirt in the world to make a home out of your Xbox Series X.

Cleaned your console recently? Tell us how you're about to go rid your system of dirt down below.

How Dusty Is Your Xbox Series X or Series S? (877 votes)

  1. I haven't noticed any dust to be honest!41%
  2. It's a little bit dusty, but nothing too bad38%
  3. It's getting quite dusty, yeah15%
  4. It's terrible! Desperately needs a clean!6%

Does Your Console Run Louder Now Than It Did At Launch? (837 votes)

  1. If it does, I can't say I've noticed it82%
  2. It's definitely a little bit louder12%
  3. It's quite a lot louder3%
  4. It sounds like a plane taking off!3%