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This week marks 10 years since Killer Instinct landed on the Xbox One and to celebrate this milestone, a new version of the game Killer Instinct: Anniversary Edition has been announced. There's no release date just yet.

This includes an Xbox Series X|S upgrade. The Definitive Edition (currently on sale for $13 / the regional equivalent) is also being retired as part of this update. The Anniversary Edition is split into two versions of KI: The Killer Instinct free-to-play base game and the Anniversary Edition. The team also mentions how "in short, we're upgrading all versions of Killer Instinct to the Anniversary Edition".

The base game features one free weekly rotating fighter, single-player, local and ranked modes and the Anniversary Edition includes all 29 fighters with premium content including VIP Double XP Booster, specialty holiday accessories, and more.

If you aren't already eligible (see the graphic below), the Anniversary Edition will set you back $29.99. It's worth mentioning the Anniversary Edition won't include the following mature-rated content: 'Definitive Edition App' and Xbox KI Classic 1 & 2. However, this content will still be available to download separately if you already own the Definitive Edition.

As part of this update, the team is also retiring the ability to purchase individual fighters and various editions, but "don't worry" about losing anything you've already purchased (fighters, skins, accessories, etc), as it will remain in your library.

Killer Instinct

Last but not least, Iron Galaxy has released its patch notes for Version 3.10. This is an absolutely massive balance update, which prioritises issues the team felt would have the largest impact. You can view the patch notes elsewhere on Pure Xbox.

While many characters have received updates, there are 10 characters that did not receive balance adjustments. There are also some additional updates such as a new logo and a bunch of UI changes.

You can learn more about this next update and the upgrade in the latest Killer Instinct blog post.

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