Peter Moore Reflects On His Halo 2 Tattoo & Launch Date: 'It Was 20 Years Ago This Evening'

This week marks 19 years since Bungie's global hit Halo 2 arrived on the original Xbox. While we're not quite at the two-decade milestone just yet, there are already some celebrations going down.

Former Xbox boss Peter Moore has used it as an opportunity to reflect on that famous Halo 2 tattoo he got to announce the game's launch. In a brief message on social media, he shared some insight revealing how the "ink was still damp and the arm was still sore" when he originally revealed it to the public, but it was well worth the blockbuster occasion.

It seems Peter might have got a bit confused with his tweet - the tattoo was revealed 19 years ago at E3 2004 rather than 20 years ago - but in any case it's still a great opportunity to celebrate a classic Xbox moment!

Halo 2 obviously went on to become one of the greatest games in Xbox history with not only an epic campaign featuring Master Chief and the Arbiter but also an amazing multiplayer component with full Xbox Live support.

If all of this has got you in the mood to relive those glory days, you can always jump on Halo: The Master Chief Collection and have a quick session in Halo 2 or the remastered version. As for the bigger 20th anniversary celebrations, we guess we'll just have to wait and see what Xbox and 343 have planned when November 9th, 2024 rolls around.

What fond memories of Halo 2 do you have? Got a tattoo hiding anywhere? Leave a comment below.