Earlier this year, ZeniMax lifted the lid on The Elder Scrolls Online Endless Archive and Update 40, and it's now live across all platforms including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows.

The Endless Archive, a PvE activity that's a free base-game addition, allows players to discover "an unending challenge" as they battle through "shifting libraries and twisting pathways" of Hermaeus Mora's most mysterious strongholds. These areas are randomly generated and are filled with all sorts of monsters and boss encounters.

"A malignant force is causing chaos within the once solemn archive, and its custodian, Master Malkhest, needs brave explorers to investigate and fight back against the corruption."

"The further you progress into this eternal arena, the more dangerous and numerous your foes become. Fall to the Archive’s dangers three times, and your run ends, plus you have to start over. But don’t let that phase you, as there’s always another expedition into the Endless Archive waiting, and the greater the dangers, the greater the rewards are in turn!"

These runs are supported by two boons: Verses (temporary buffs that last until the end of the next stage) and Visions (buffs that last the entire run). These runs will reward players with all sorts of unique collectibles, item sets and even class set items.

Along with this is a new currency known as "archival fortunate", which allows you to purchase helpful items from vendors within the Endless Archive's central hub. You can also unlock collectibles exclusive to this zone.

As for Update 40, it contains Japanese console text localisation, a group finder tool, grand master crafting stations, a rebalance to jewelry crafting and various other quality-of-life improvements. Check out the full patch notes on the ESO website for more information.

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