It's well-known how Microsoft likes to let its studios within Xbox do their own thing nowadays, and it seems it's no different for Wasteland developer inXile Entertainment, who is currently working on its RPG-inspired game, Clockwork Revolution.

In an appearance on 'The Fourth Curtain' podcast recently, the studio head of InXile, Brian Fargo, mentioned how much the situation has changed for the developer since being acquired by Microsoft in 2018 and joining Xbox Game Studios.

The financial worries have disappeared at the studio, and now Fargo and his team are able to completely focus on the "creative aspects" of the business. Microsoft also remains hands-off, with Fargo explaining how there's "no micromanaging at all" from its parent company.

"[Microsoft] bought us because they trust us."

The studio's upcoming project, Clockwork Revolution, will be a Steampunk-style first-person RPG and will be a day one Xbox Game Pass release. As for a release date, it's "coming in due time".

Fargo's thoughts about having more financial security and creative freedom under Microsoft echo comments from many other teams under the Xbox banner. Blizzard, who was recently acquired by Xbox, is also looking forward to these benefits, according to the company's president.

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