Xbox's Latest 'Buy 1, Get 1' Sale Revolves Around Overpriced Racers

Whenever we see one of these 'Buy 1, Get 1' promotions crop up on our Xbox dashboards we feel the need to inform the Pure Xbox community of their existence, but it's quite hard to be positive about this latest roundup of offers, we must admit.

Yep, a new Buy 1, Get 1 50% off sale is now live on Xbox - containing mostly racing games with the odd sports title thrown in for good measure. Some of these deals are okay if you're really desperate to pick them up (the latest F1 and Madden titles for instance), but largely, these are way overpriced compared to their usual sale costs.

For instance, we have the likes of WRC 9 for £50 here, when even its sequel in WRC 10 has been on sale for about £5 at this point. There's also the incredible deal of Monster Supercross 2 for £20 when Monster Supercross 4 is literally on sale right now for £5.24 at the time of writing. Here's a sample of some more of these offers:

Anyway, take this post as more of a warning than anything else - most of these titles are frequently on sale at more worthwhile prices than what Xbox is offering here. There are some good games in here no doubt, but it's definitely worth waiting for improved deals on most of these titles!

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What do you make of Xbox's latest 'Buy 1, Get 1' sale? Leave your honest thoughts down in the comments section.