This Diablo 4 Custom Console Is So Epic It Doesn't Even Look Like An Xbox

Just as Microsoft finally acquires Diablo 4 developer Blizzard, the team announces another custom Xbox Series X console, and not only does this thing look hellish in its design - it also functions like its been plunged into the depths of hell too.

Yep, weirdly, this latest Xbox Series X custom console doesn't actually work. It's been built to sit there on your shelf looking all demonic and whatnot, but the system doesn't power on at all. It's a pure showpiece!

Instead, you'll be granted a standard Xbox Series X to use for actual gaming if you end up winning this latest Xbox sweepstakes competition. As usual, you'll have to head over to Twitter to enter, and you have until October 30th to take part.

Anyway, back to the non-functional part of the equation here. Down below is exactly what the winner will acquire with this package - including that display-only Diablo 4 custom console:

  • A customized Xbox Series X console with Diablo IV artwork (non-functional, to be used as an art-piece). Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $499.99 USD.
  • A custom stand with Diablo IV artwork that the customized Xbox Series X console will be housed upon. Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $310.00 USD.
  • A standard Xbox Series X console. Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $499.99 USD.

While we find it a bit odd that the custom console here doesn't even turn on, at least the successful applicant will be granted a standard Series X as well - a console they can use to get stuck into Blizzard's latest Diablo adventure!

What do you make of this funky Xbox Series X package? Leave your thoughts on it down below.

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