Starfield Dev Proud Of The Game's Launch Despite Being 'Stressed For 2 Years Straight'

Starfield was in the works for a long time over at Bethesda Game Studios — long before Xbox bought the company — and it seems the game's protracted development period wasn't always easy to deal with.

In a recent Twitter thread, BGS Design Director Emil Pagliarulo reflected on Starfield's development, and what the whole process meant to him as a fan of the studio before anything else. In the end, Pagliarulo was "proud of what we achieved" - but he doesn't shy away from the struggles of being part of such a huge project.

"Having now had time to properly reflect on Starfield, goddamn am I proud of what we achieved. A new world to live in. A brand new IP. The beginning of a new dream. We pulled it off! A lot of it still feels surreal, to be honest. God, I was stressed for 2 years straight."

Despite the heightened stress levels, Pagliarulo seems ready to go again. In a reply to the above quote, the developer said he is "reinvigorated" and wants to create even more worlds with Bethesda Game Studios.

Sometimes, we do underestimate just how much goes into making modern AAA video games - especially huge open world role playing games like Starfield. We hope the team gets the rest it needs before going again and delighting fans with another BGS world - this time under the wing of Team Xbox!

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