Seeing This Funky Text On Your Xbox? There's A Good Reason For It

You may have noticed over the past few hours that your Xbox has begun to display a strange font on the dashboard and throughout the UI, and if that's the case, you're not alone! Fortunately, it's not something you need to worry about.

This is what's known as "psuedo-loc", and it usually appears on text that has yet to be localised for your region. In this case though, it seems it's just a bug - and it's being spotted by a large number of Xbox Insider members.

Here's how the Xbox Insider team described "psudeo-loc" in an article a few years ago:

"You see, while we are in Preview the update isn’t actually “ready” to go out to everyone in the Xbox community, and that means that a lot of what you are seeing isn’t quite finished. From features we let you try out, all the way down to the text you read on the console itself..."

"What you’re looking at is what is commonly known as “pseudo-loc” or text that has yet to be localized for the specific language/region you have your console set to display."

And here's a look at some recent examples:

Again, this issue should only be related to members of the Xbox Insider program, and if you're currently experiencing it, it might be worth using the "Report a Problem" feature on your console to highlight it with Microsoft.

It's something that the team will be aware of though, and this "psudeo-loc" text does crop up now and again when you're signed up as an Insider. Don't worry, your Xbox isn't going to break and it definitely isn't haunted!

Have you come across this? Let us know down in the comments section below.