We're a little over a month away from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launching on Xbox, and Activision has finally showcased some of the game's multiplayer in action. Remember, this year's title is filled with classic CoD content, including every single multiplayer map from 2009's Modern Warfare 2 - and that much is evident in this reveal trailer.

We get a good look at various map remakes here, including classics like Terminal, Highrise, Rust, Favela, Estate and more. While it seems a bit odd to launch a new title with purely remade maps, we are quite excited for it, given that some of these levels are still absolute bangers to this day.

Outside of the roster of old school maps, we get a sneak peek at some first person gameplay, and it looks very similar to last year's Modern Warfare II if we're honest. That's not a bad thing really though, given Infinity Ward has definitely raised the bar on a technical level with its last few Modern Warfare titles.

This new bombastic trailer is also backed up by an Eminem tune, which is only adding more fuel to a noticeably nostalgic CoD-flavoured fire. What year is it again? Oh yeah, it's 2023 and would you believe it, another Call of Duty game launches this November.

Are you all aboard the nostalgia hype train this year? Let us know if you're excited to dive into these classic maps once again!