If the two Xbox Game Pass announcements during the latest 'Partner Preview' weren't already enough, there was also a PC Game Pass date locked in during today's showcase.

It's the "highly anticipated" historical city-building game Manor Lords and it will be dropping on PC Game Pass "day one" via game preview on 26th April 2024. It's also been confirmed as "coming soon" to consoles. The Xbox Wire post goes one step further confirming the Xbox version will arrive "shortly after" the PC release next year.

“There are so many players out there that we know would absolutely love to get lost in Manor Lords, but play exclusively on console – they shouldn’t be left out, and now, they won’t be!”

The team is apparently making a conscious effort to make sure Manor Lords "feels great to play with a controller". Here's a bit more about it:

"This anticipated title seeks to combine intense real-time combat with immersive city-building, and we’re quite excited about it."

"Manor Lords draws inspiration from city-builders that have come before, but it’s the historicity of the game that drives it. Authenticity is paramount to the experience, both visually and mechanically, which makes for some pretty unique gameplay elements."

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