Here's What The Reviews Are Saying About The New 'High On Knife' DLC

High On Life became one of the biggest Xbox Game Pass launches of all time last year, and now its first (and possibly only) expansion called High On Knife is blasting onto Xbox consoles this week! Ahead of its release, critics have had a chance to go hands-on with the new DLC for review, including us here at Pure Xbox:

You can check out our thoughts on High on Knife up above, but we also wanted to bring you some other critics' impressions from across the web. So, let's take a look at what the reviews have been saying so far:

Pure Xbox (Unscored)

"Ultimately, High on Knife is a worthy mini-sequel to High on Life, and if you really enjoyed what you played of the main game last year on Xbox Game Pass, it definitely needs to go on your wishlist. It's a short and sweet experience, but one that'll stick in the memory, and you'll hopefully get a few laughs out of it along the way."

Try Hard Guides (9/10)

"Though I experienced some serious performance issues in a very prominent part of the DLC, I’m convinced Squanch Games can and will patch that out before it becomes a real problem. So grab Knifey, new friend Harper and all of your other Gatlians (and don’t forget your B.A.L.L.S) and rip and tear through another wacky and weird adventure."

PC Invasion (8.5/10)

"It builds upon the main game’s mechanics and humor while providing a fresh experience; I couldn’t really ask for more. I would heavily recommend it if you enjoyed High on Life."

Destructoid (6/10)

"After playing through High on Knife (and thus, a much more stable build of the game), I feel like I’m game for a sequel. It’s clear that the team can carry on without Roiland, and I’d like to see them tackle the old-school FPS genre again with all the tricks they’ve learned along the way (and a little more polish)."

There aren't actually that many reviews doing the rounds for High on Knife so far, but we're assuming it'll settle on an average score of around 75-80 when all's said and done... maybe a little less or even a little more?

The big takeaway that everyone seems in agreement with is that if you enjoyed High on Life, you're going to enjoy High on Knife. It's basically more of the same, and it's up to you whether you think that's a good or a bad thing.

Will you be picking up the new High on Life DLC? Tell us down in the comments section below.