Disney Reportedly Encouraging Its CEO To Look At Acquiring A Company Like EA
Image: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, EA

According to a new report from outlet Bloomberg, Disney CEO Bob Iger has been pressed in recent times about acquiring a "gaming giant" such as EA, in an attempt to "transform" Disney's games business.

It doesn't sound like any sort of approach towards EA has been made, or even a concrete internal plan committed to by Disney higher-ups, but such a move has reportedly been discussed at the entertainment giant.

This isn't the first time we've heard rumours of EA being acquired in some fashion — they were probably even on Microsoft's hitlist at some stage — but at this time the company has managed to remain on its own two feet.

Disney certainly isn't a stranger to an acquisition or two, but for the moment, the CEO seems wary of picking up another huge gaming company. According to the report, Iger has been "noncommittal" to the idea - even if others within Disney think it's something worth pursuing.

Anyway, the full (paywalled) report is available online, although it seems to be a more general look at Disney and its future in entertainment. For now, that future doesn't include EA, but that could all change if this report is accurate and certain Disney execs get their way.

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