We've got another game to add to the Xbox Game Pass in 2024 list! Commandos is making a "triumphant return" next year in the form of Commandos: Origins, and it'll be available day one on XGP for Xbox Series X, Series S and PC.

Commandos: Origins is set during the World War 2 era and is centred around a storyline where the series' original characters "unite to form the legendary Commandos squad". The game will feature over 10 missions across authentic historical locations including the African desert, the icy landscapes of the Arctic, and much more.

There's no exact date for this one just yet, but we'll throw more details and screenshots below.

"Commandos: Origins transports players back to World War II, where the original characters unite to form the legendary Commandos squad. Engage in close-quarters-combat with The Green Beret, Jack O’Hara, and as the Commandos join forces to take down enemy soldiers with brute strength and calculated efficiency.

A gripping storyline sets the stage for a thrilling adventure, filled with challenging missions and tactical stealth gameplay. With over 10 missions across authentic historical locations, spanning the icy landscapes of the Arctic to the scorching sands of the African desert, you'll find yourself facing varied scenarios and diverse objectives. Each mission offers a fresh and engaging experience that keeps players eagerly anticipating each new challenge."

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