Today, Paradox Interactive has delivered the unfortunate news that Cities: Skylines 2 has been delayed on console "to provide the best experience for our players" on Xbox and PlayStation. While the PC release remains on-track to launch on October 24th (including on Game Pass), the Xbox version will now arrive in Spring 2024.

The team gave a brief explanation for this delay in a tweet posted earlier today:

In an accompanying forum post, the dev went into a bit more detail on why Cities: Skylines 2 isn't ready to launch this year on Xbox and PlayStation - despite the PC version being locked and loaded for release next month.

"Hello City Building Enthusiasts! We are sharing an update with you on the upcoming launch of Cities: Skylines II. We are hard at work preparing the game for our release on October 24th. While doing so, we have realized that we need more time to reach the quality targets we have set for Console.

As we want to provide the best experience for our players, we are updating the release window for Xbox and PS5 to Spring 2024. The additional time allows us to focus on matching the quality and performance across all platforms. We’ll share more updates on the console release window soon."

Hopefully we get a more solid Xbox launch window for Cities: Skylines 2 real soon. In the meantime, check out what else is coming to Xbox Game Pass next month down below!

Disappointed by this news? Or do you have enough of a backlog anyway? Leave your thoughts on this delay in the comments.