After more than a decade of waiting Alan Wake 2 is almost here, and a new gameplay demo just released by Remedy introduces us to one of the game's brand-new locations - and it's giving us big 'Bright Falls' energy right off the bat.

The quiet town of 'Watery' is very reminiscent of Alan Wake's Bright Falls; a location that does also feature in the sequel at some stage. So, we have another sleepy Pacific Northwest town where all isn't as it seems? Sounds like Alan Wake to us!

That's not everything from the above gameplay demo though. We're treated to another set of skirmishes that show off Alan Wake 2's improved combat, which is looking like a lovely mixture of the first game combined with the team's most recent big release in Control.

It's all looking pretty good for Alan's second Xbox outing then, which happens to be right around the corner! Alan Wake 2 hits Xbox Series X and S, in digital-only form, on October 27th.

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