After some major setbacks in 2021, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 has now risen from the dead with the help of its new developer The Chinese Room.

This action RPG will be released on multiple platforms including Xbox Series X|S in Fall 2024, with an official gameplay reveal set to take place in January of next year. You can still catch some glimpses of gameplay in the above announcement trailer.

This sequel will take players to the "dark underbelly of Seattle", where vampires fight for survival and supremacy. Here's a bit more about it, direct from the PR:

"As an Elder vampire, players meet compelling characters, maneuver complex political relationships, stalk the city streets for prey, and engage in intense combat while balancing the need for blood. Throughout the game, players must always be mindful of their surroundings or risk breaking the Masquerade – the absolute law of secrecy that keeps vampire society hidden from humanity."

The Chinese Room studio director Ed Daly mentioned how Bloodlines 2 was the Brighton-based developer's most "ambitious project to date". It's previously worked on games like Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and also has Still Wakes the Deep in the pipeline.

This studio joined the Sumo Digital family back in 2018, with Bloodlines 2 set to be published by Paradox Interactive.

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