Starfield Puddle 'Glitch' Allows You To Make Unlimited Money On Xbox & PC

There's a big topic doing the rounds in the Starfield community at the moment and it concerns... a puddle.

Yes, players have discovered a way to use an in-game puddle to access the entire inventory of a store, meaning you can loot it all without any cost or negative implications whatsoever - and then you can do it again 24 hours later.

Here's how the Starfield puddle glitch works:

  1. Go to Akila City on Akila (in the Cheyenne system)
  2. Look for the "Shepherd's" store on the left as you go through the main entrance
  3. Seek out the exact puddle shown in the images below
  4. Ideally, go into third-person mode
  5. Crouch by the puddle, and the store's inventory should become available to loot

In terms of making "unlimited money" with this Starfield puddle glitch, all you need to do is sell the items you've looted (you can do it at Shepherd's if you want to), and then return every 24 hours to repeat the process all over again.

Of course, the big question is why does this work? As highlighted by PC Gamer, there's an invisible storage container placed underneath Akila's main road that causes the "bug" to occur. Starfield has received a patch today containing a few hotfixes, but the puddle glitch still remains exploitable at the time of writing.

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We expect Bethesda will eventually patch this out, but for now it's totally up to you whether you want to use it or not. If you're taking your Starfield experience seriously, we'd highly suggest avoiding it for the time being, but those who just want to play around and enjoy this special "cheat" are free to do so. It's tempting, but we're going to resist!

What are your thoughts about the Starfield puddle glitch? Tell us down in the comments below.