The reviews are in for Starfield, and the good news is it's been generally well-received so far - with many outlets calling it a quality Bethesda experience that's definitely worth a look.

Now, what about the performance and resolution of this latest build? The tech experts at Digital Foundry have taken a look. It's confirmed Starfield runs at a locked 30FPS on both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The source further notes how combat and exploration are just as rock solid on this front.

The only slumps in frame rate were within two of the game's cities, with the FPS dropping a few frames.

As for the game's resolution, the Xbox Series X manages to hit 4K output while the Series S model is targeting around 1440p - these targets are also assisted by AMD's FSR 2 upsampling tech. On Series X the game renders internally at 1440p, while the Series S version is 900p base resolution.

You can get a more detailed breakdown in the video above. Here's how Digital Foundry summed up its time with Starfield on Xbox:

"Starfield is a solid day one experience, with consistent performance and great visuals across both console platforms. Whether you're gaming on Series S or Series X, Starfield arrives with solid, consistent performance and a level of polish that gives you the confidence to begin your journey right on day one."

You also check out the full written review via Eurogamer. Digital Foundry will be doing a "much more in-depth technical review" of Starfield in the future as well, so be on the lookout for that video. And if you want more thoughts about Starfield, be sure to check out our review round-up here on Pure Xbox:

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