Starfield Could Have Had Fallout's Version Of Earth
Image: Bethesda

Starfield has thousands of planets and worlds to explore, and if you didn't already know - Earth is one of them. While we'll refrain from any further spoilers, there was actually a point in the space RPG's development where the Fallout version of Earth was considered.

Speaking to The Washington Post, director Todd Howard mentioned how Bethesda "talked about" adding the Fallout universe to Starfield, but ultimately this 'Bethesdaverse' didn't go ahead. One of the main issues was the timeline - with the events of Fallout 4 happening just decades before Starfield, so it didn't really make sense to connect the two.

The narrative and style of the two games also didn't match up - with Starfield opting for its own "NASA-punk" design and aesthetic. Another factor that reportedly played a part was Starfield's development cycle which not only suffered delays but also had to deal with the pandemic - where the team had to adapt to working and communicating from home, making certain ideas easy to drop to focus the scope of the project.

Earth is worth visiting if you haven't already seen it in Starfield, and there's even a detailed history about humanity leaving the planet in the museum, located beyond the Vanguard orientation hall inside the MAST Tower on New Atlantis.

Would you have been interested in Bethesda linking the two timelines together? Have you been to Earth yet in Starfield? Let us know in the comments.

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