Just over a week ago developer Respawn Entertainment delivered a huge Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch that completely re-engineered the game's performance mode - and it seems to have worked wonders. Outlet IGN has given the new version of Jedi: Survivor a thorough test on Xbox Series X and PS5, and the results are very impressive.

To sum things up, the game's 60FPS performance mode on Xbox Series X has improved massively, even over the previous patched version of the title. Due to the Series X's weaker launch performance it's now the most improved version, and the above analysis even goes as far as saying Xbox Series X is now the strongest console option.

That's largely down to better cutscene performance on Microsoft's high-end console, but the gameplay results more than match PS5 now as well. Looking at this it finally seems like Jedi: Survivor's performance mode is well worth making use of!

As for the existing 30FPS mode present on Xbox Series X and S, that has performed fairly consistently for a while now and remains a solid option if you'd prefer cleaner visuals overall. We'd say that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor 'Patch 7' is a huge result for Xbox players, then!

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