Xbox's Phil Spencer Autographed A PS5 Cover On Stage At Tokyo Game Show 2023

Xbox boss Phil Spencer made numerous appearances as part of Tokyo Game Show 2023 last week, including at an event hosted by IGN Japan where he reportedly autographed a PlayStation 5 cover following a fan request!

This humorous revelation comes courtesy of Genki_JPN and a photo from gangsuit on Twitter, with Genki explaining that the Head of Xbox along with Sarah Bond "were good sports and signed whatever the people wanted them to sign".

Genki's tweet has racked up hundreds of thousands of views over the past few hours, and it even attracted the attention of former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden who responded with a comical God of War GIF:

In fact, the event was actually broadcast on the IGN Japan YouTube channel last week, where Spencer and Bond spent around 30 minutes answering questions from fans - sadly the autograph part wasn't captured though!

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