Phil Spencer Pledged To Get 'Real Honest' About Xbox's Future After 'Disaster Situation' In 2022

It's no secret at this stage that Xbox wasn't particularly pleased with its exclusive games lineup in 2022. Delays to major projects like Starfield meant that Xbox first-party suffered from a particularly barren year, and a new leaked email from Phil Spencer shows just how disappointed the team was in its output last year.

Phil's internal email, which we'll post a link to in full down below, expressed how Xbox needed to "get much better at overall portfolio planning", with "real honesty on dates" moving into 2023 and beyond.

The Xbox boss wasn't shy on just how poor 2022 ended up being from an internal first-party perspective. In fact, Phil called the year "a disaster situation for us" given how many resources were "invested in content across studios".

Phil was left frustrated by how the year panned out, but thankfully, 2023 has been a much smoother ride for Team Xbox, and you can already see how some of the boss's words from this May 2022 email have resonated in the months since.

Today has been a wild ride with these FTC court document leaks, and it'll be interesting to see if Phil and the team respond to everything that's come out over the past few hours. If you want to catch up on the day's events, check out the links down below.

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