Party Animals: How To Activate Split-Screen On Xbox & PC

So, you've just started playing Party Animals and you want to know how to add another player for local split-screen on Xbox or PC? It's easy enough, but the option is a bit more hidden than it should be!

Here's exactly what you need to do to play split-screen in Party Animals (using an Xbox controller)

  1. Connect a second controller
  2. Go to "Custom Games" in the Party Animals menu and then "Create" a new game
  3. In the lobby, press "RT" on the second controller and "Player 2" will join the game

That's all you need to do! Of course, if you want to add a third and a fourth controller, it's exactly the same process.

You can also add AI bots to your game by hitting the little "+" icon next to each team, and then you can even change their difficulty levels by selecting each bot manually - doing this will bring up a little sub-menu.

Hopefully you've found this guide helpful - please let us know in the comments section below!