Image: Mojang, Xbox

Update: Microsoft has since responded to this to suggest that an upgrade isn't happening anytime soon.

Original story: Following an Xbox Series X|S rating for Minecraft in Germany at the end of August, the popular sandbox game has now been rated again this time by the ESRB in the US.

Unsurprisingly, this has once again reignited speculation about an update for the game, featuring all sorts of 'next-gen' enhancements. As for the Xbox rating in this location, it's 'E10+ for "everyone" 10 and up, and contains fantasy violence, along with user interaction and in-game purchases.

As previously documented, Mojang actually added a preview of ray tracing to Minecraft on Xbox consoles in March last year, but it was apparently a mistake. If we are getting a proper next-generation port or upgrade it seems like this could potentially be one of the enhancements.

Would you be up for a next-generation version of Minecraft? Any interest in ray tracing in a game like this? Tell us below.

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