It Looks Like Hideo Kojima Is Spending His Spare Time On Starfield

Now that Starfield is available to all it's safe to assume lots of Xbox fans are playing it, and well, it turns out that famous game designer Hideo Kojima is no different! The Metal Gear Solid creator has taken to Twitter to let us all know that his adventure amongst the stars has begun.

Kojima is playing on Xbox Series X, as you might guess, and the background to his tweet here looks suspiciously like a work office setup to us...

Anyway, regardless of whether Kojima is sneaking off to play some Starfield at work, it's always cool to see some of the top creators enjoy other studios' work. Maybe the bloke will be inspired by Bethesda's RPG for one of his upcoming projects?

Speaking of which, Kojima Productions is officially heads down on an Xbox project at the moment, alongside some other titles of course. Time will tell us what this mystery Kojima Xbox game turns out to be!

Can you blame Kojima for sneaking in some Starfield here and there? Tell us how much you've played so far down below.