It's definitely been a good few years for '90s revivals on Xbox, and we've got another on the way soon courtesy of Disney's Gargoyles Remastered, which is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series S on October 19th.

This is described as an "artfully crafted revival of the classic 16-bit side-scrolling platform adventure" complete with enhanced visuals (along with the ability to switch to the original graphics as well), new animations, a remastered soundtrack and various modern features including instant rewind and widescreen support.

You can check out the trailer for Gargoyles Remastered above, and we've added more details below:

"The world of Gargoyles comes to life with a level of detail that will thrill fans of the animated series and retro gaming enthusiasts alike. Experience classic gameplay that stays authentic to its predecessor while including new features such as achievements, gameplay rewind, and more!"

Will you be picking up Gargoyles Remastered on Xbox? Tell us down in the comments below.